Our Muskoka Well Drilling Services

Drilling water wells can be a tricky business for some, but F.C. Hammond Well Drilling Ltd. has been operating in the Muskoka area for over 60 years drilling thousands of wells. We are very familiar with the variety and conditions of the terrain and can often circumvent problems just by knowing your address.

Rural Choices for water

Rural residents generally have a limited choice for reliable running water: dug wells, drilled wells or sourcing from lakes and rivers. All methods have to be tested for water quality but generally a properly drilled well is the safest and most reliable.

Drilling Procedure

There is a difference in procedure when drilling through various types of ground; rock, clay, sand and boulders. Bedrock is the preferred choice. Sand or clay requires the drilled hole to be protected with continuous casing that is installed the depth of the hole. Once we strike water, flow has to be measured to ensure the number of gallons per minute is sufficient to your needs. A Hydrofracture Procedure is implemented when insufficient water is obtained. Hydrofrackng is pumping water down the hole under extreme pressure to fracture the rock. This allows more pathways for the water source to travel to your drilled well and increases the “flow”.

Water Quality

As a result of our intimate knowledge of the area we can often guarantee sufficient quantity of water, but quality cannot always be guaranteed. In some cases problems of iron, calcium or salt have their own challenges. These can affect taste, smell, colour or as in high calcium leave a scaly residue on appliances. We recommend testing your water twice a year. This is simple and inexpensive. If your well requires disinfecting the health unit will provide you with very clear guidelines to do so.